Complete Illustrated Guide to Finishing (Complete Illustrated Guide Series)

Complete Illustrated Guide to Finishing (Complete Illustrated Guide Series)

Topics covered:

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Complete Illustrated Guide to Finishing (Complete Illustrated Guide Series)

From Publishers Weekly
With scores of color photos showing in medias res finishing work and dozens of carefully composed illustrations showing angles, strokes and tools, this latest entry in Taunton’s guide series should give even the most amateur aspirant a shot at sophisticated wood finishing effects. Jewitt, a Cleveland-based refinisher who runs his own business, is the veteran of two previous books, Hand-Applied Finishes and Great Wood Finishes. Here, he uses his expertise to introduce would-be home finishers to everything from the right brushes and spray guns ("conventional" v. "HVLP," or High Volume Low Pressure), to the proper techniques for sanding molded edges by hand, to the difference between glazing and toning. The book is intelligently laid out: no page is ever too busy, but each spread contains enough information to take readers through a full step of a process so that they don’t have to drop whatever tools are in hand to flip a page. Well paced and comprehensive, Jewitt’s book is a valuable resource for neophytes and pros alike.
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Book Description
Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to Finishing features advanced techniques on controlling and adjusting color, disguising defects, and repairing finishes. This clear and comprehensive volume for woodworkers includes 850 color photos as well as 30 color illustrations.

Amazon Customer Reviews:

Good addition to your library...

I started doing refinishing work and woodworking when I was about 10 with my father. Now being somewhat older and getting back into it, I started looking for good resources to expand my abilities with wood finishes. Not to mention the fact that I ran into a few finish issues rehabilitating some birch cabinets in my kitchen.
Jeff Jewitt's book not only presents a very good overview of wood finishing, but also high quality photographs of the processes he is using to accomplish the finishes. This book coupled with Bob Flexner's book Understanding Wood Finishes are my two main resources for wood finishing now. There are wonderful tips and suggestions, along with detailed, step-by-step instructions for the different processes. The Taunton's Illustrated Guides have got a new fan.


The current BEST of the finishing books

I've read a bunch of finishing books in search of the perfect finish. This book is by far the most thorough, best organized book out there. The quality of the images and illustrations are outstanding and the books is packed full of useful information. I love all of the high quality images they use to show you errors in finishes and then go on to show you how to resolve the problems. They give pluses and minuses of each finishing technique and show you the best ways to apply them. All in all, A GREAT BOOK.


Bob Flexner, move over, there's a new book in town

At over 300 pages of superbly illustrated information, this book is the new bible on wood finishing. The words "Complete" and "Illustrated" in the title tell it all.

Just about everything you need to know about finishing from basics to advanced is covered. Every topic is illustrated with full-color photos and line drawings when needed.

Plenty of hints, off-page references and guidance.

Topics are covered in anywhere from a half-page with three photos to whole chapters. Jeff and his wife, Susan, the photographer, have gone out of their way to show every process and product talked about. Every chapter is organized the same way, which may be the way of Taunton's new, "Complete Illustrated Guide to..."

If you are only going to buy one book on finishing, or if you have a whole shelf full, you need to buy and read this book.

Great job, Jeff and Susan!

Now that I have a bit more time, I thought the table of contents would be interesting and tell more about the wealth of information in this book:
1) The finishing environment
2) Tools for surface preparation
3) Finishing Tools
4) Preparing Flat Surfaces
5) Preparation of Curved and Complex Surfaces
6) Fixing defects
7) Stain Basics and Application
8) Glazes, Padding Stains and Toners
9) Natural Dyes, Chemical Stains and Bleaches
10) Controlling Color
11) Filling Pores
12) Sealers
13) Choosing a Finish
14) Reactive finishes (including new conversion finishes)
15) Evaporative finishes16) Water-Based Finishes
17) Rubbing out Finishes

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