The Ultimate Serger Answer Guide

The Ultimate Serger Answer Guide

by Naomi Baker, Gail Brown, Cindy Kacynski

The Ultimate Serger Answer Guide

Sergers offer project possibilities beyond the capabilities of ordinary sewing machines, but they also seem to have more potential for malfunctioning. Help is at hand from a book filled with solutions and troubleshooting advice for all manner of serger troubles. Rather than present ideas for projects, this guide tells you how to identify and correct everything from irregular tension, faulty flatlocking, and skipped stitches to machine jams, needle breakage, and much more. The "Insider Insights" section covers troubleshooting for individual models and enables users to apply solutions to virtually any brand of serger. There are also tips on buying a serger and details on needles, threads, and accessories.

Customer Comments:

Ultimate Serger Answer Guide

This is the book that persuaded me that I could profitably use a serger, and that I could deal with whatever gremlins showed up (I'd heard serger horror stories for years-- people having to go to dealers to rethread machines, etc.) But with the clear checklist of features of various sorts of sergers, I figured out what I was going to want to look for when I "test drove" sergers... and picked out a serger I've been very happy with. And the troubleshooting tips (the bulk of the book) have saved me much frustration. One of the cheapest and most valuable serger accessories you'll buy.


Solid Reference Book

Let me first start by saying I think this is a good book to have, but I don't think it should be your first or only book to have. It is an excellent reference....especially for the beginner or less experienced serger. (but would also be a worthwhile investment for someone more advanced)

The book is easily read and has excellent pictures and diagrams. It is soley a problem solver and not a technique teacher (which is why I don't think it should be your only reference book if you are new to serging).

This book has an awesome reference sheet on page 79 if you are looking to buy a serger (upgrading or buying for the first time).

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