Power Sewing: Step-By-Step

Power Sewing: Step-By-Step

by Sandra Betzina

Power Sewing: Step-By-Step

Book Description:

Sandra Betzina, a renowned expert in the field, believes the shift from button-sewing novice to "power sewer" can be achieved with a minimum of fuss. Her Power Sewing Step-by-Step, in a handy spiral binding, does just what the title implies, leading the reader through the successful assembly process for each of a series of garments. Starting with fabric selection, in each section Betzina addresses pattern fitting, construction, and finishing. She includes instructions for adding special garment details. For example, in the pants section she offers a variety of pockets, shows how to add a lining and choose one of four zipper options, and demonstrates a method of eliminating the waistband altogether.


The best sewing reference....

Being a Sandra Betzina fan with two of her books already, I had to have this one . The book is fabulous - hard-back, spiral bound, multiple clear color pictures, easy to read print, and the book size is very comfortable to handle. Instructions are clear and pictures are referenced by step-number to the project instuctions. Full of tips and sewing alternatives for vests, pants, skirts, dresses and jackets...some are simple...some more complex and challenging, but with the understandable directions given, anyone who sews can have their finished project look so professional! Have read the entire book through once - just like a novel - and continue to spot read certain areas...have already learned many new techniques. If you love to sew and want to improve your skill level, learn new techniques, and make clothes that fit, this is the book to buy.


Helpful Even For an Experienced Seamstress

Having sewn since I was an 8-year-old 4-H-er, (more than half a century ago!) but now experiencing arthritic hands and much less time to sew, I find Sandra's tips and descriptions are extremely helpful. She recommends interfacings and linings by brand name and suggests, in great detail, ways to prepare and use current fibers. Though experienced in classic tailoring, I find her tips most useful and am expanding my library with her books just to improve my techniques. Thank you, Sandra, for permitting me to continue to show creativity - more easily!



This book is worth it for the tip boxes alone. The photos are well-considered (although the styles and fabrics don't appeal to me personally, at least they are less dowdy than some other books out there), the written descriptions are short and sweet, and the production value of the book is tip-top. My only complaint is that I wish I had bought the spiral-bound edition; I have to weight the pages open if my hands are full of sewing. I own a lot of sewing manuals, but this is the one I go back to again and again. As has been mentioned in some reviews, it's not quite for beginners, but if you have basic construction knowledge, this guide will improve your work.


Great Book even for absolute beginners!

I was an absolute beginner when I purchased this guide. I sewed my first real skirt based on her construction techniques--including the zipper, which when I followed her technique, was a breeze! Zippers seem easy to me now. I love her ideas, and her vision of how things should flow on the body. It is a fountain of useful information, but also it offers great inspiration. Most of all this text enabled me to let go of my fear about sewing and embellishing patterns to make clothes that are truly your own.

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