Encyclopedia of Sewing Machine Techniques (Paperback)

Encyclopedia of Sewing Machine Techniques (Paperback)

by Nancy Bednar

Encyclopedia of Sewing Machine Techniques

Book Description
“ This all-important sewing-room reference will not only dispel fears, but will encourage you to attempt and succeed with expert techniques as new skills are applied.”—Vogue Patterns. “Well written....The most complete book for sewing machnine techniques that I have found. It is a real pleasure....‘Must have’ book for sewers of all levels.”—Shuttle Spindle and Dyepot.

Customer reviews:

Quick and very practical reference book

This is a great book, very well written and easy to understand (even for me who's native language isn't english and sometimes has difficulty to understand!) and I fully recommend it for the novice as well as the advanced sewer. It is packed with so many different techniques that it's even hard to choose! At the beginning of each techinque you find a short explanation of what you'll actually learn about. Then the Machine Set-up comes: stitch length and width, presser foot, needles, threads, tension. Fabric Choices and if there is any Additional Supplies She lists that too. It also made it very easy on me before shopping, the list was readily waiting for me, so I didn't forget anything to buy.
Next comes the proceedure itself with pictures and under each and every picture you have a very detailed explanation. One technique is about two pages long so it's not even time consuming to sit down and learn one or two technique when you have 15 minutes. There are techniques in it (not much though) which take quiet a few practise but most of it easy to learn. However, there are cons too. The firs and very short part of the book is about maintaining your sewing machine, work area and lighting, etc. There are not many information on these things (She just bareley mentions it). But after all this guide wasn't written about that. Also the book can fall apart easily, not a sturdy construction, although it's nicely printed, it'd be good quality if the glue'd hold it together..and one more thing..for all these techniques you'll need just an ordenary sewing machine with different presser feet (no embroidery, computerised machine or serger)!


An Excellent Guide for the Creative Sewist

Encyclopedia of Sewing Machine Techniques by Nancy Bednar and JoAnn Pugh-Gannon

Being fairly new to creative sewing, I found this guide particularly helpful as a means of learning the techniques needed to upgrade my skills from plain sewing into the creative area.

A few of the many techniques covered include ten different methods of applique, drawn thread techniques, decorative bobbin work, quilting and trapunto quilting, silk ribbon techniques, thread painting and tucks.

For each technique, there is a description of the technique, the sewing machine set-up is given in a clear and concise manner, together with a list of appropriate fabrics and additional requisites. There are colour plates and smaller photos which illustrate the methods of sewing.

The book is mainly devoted to the creative, decorative sewing techniques, but there is also a section which covers 'Indispensable Techniques' from Bias Binding to Placket Zippers.

Altogether this is a book which I shall turn to again and again as I learn to make the most of my sewing machine - and to have fun while doing so!


Indispensable reference

I ordered this guide because I thought it would be a good "next to the sewing machine" book for reviewing basic stitches (how to do a blind hem stitch, how to reverse applique, etc.) I was pleasantly suprised! This book is a great reference for all of those basic techniques, but it contains tons of great creative ideas as well, like silk ribbon embroidery on the machine, using the marking foot to make fringe, and many more. I use this guide all the time for both reviewing the basics and getting inspiration to try something new. The book is well organized, with photographs of each technique. Highly recommended!

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