Claire Shaeffer's Fabric Sewing Guide (Creative Machine Arts)

Claire Shaeffer's Fabric Sewing Guide (Creative Machine Arts)

by Claire B. Shaeffer

Fabric Sewing Guide (Creative Machine Arts)

From Library Journal
Home sewers have their choice of many guides to clothing construction, but this title is unique because it focuses on fab rics and materials used to make garments. The fiber content of leathers, synthetic suedes, vinyls, fur, feathers, natural fab rics, and man-made fabrics are all de tailed. The section on fabric structure in cludes woven, knit, and stretch-woven fabrics, while that on surface characteris tics ranges from transparent and napped fabrics to felt, reversible, and quilted fab rics and fabrics with designs. After a de scription of the distinctive properties of each textile, techniques for sewing with professional results are outlined, with special emphasis on seams, hems, edge finishes, closures, and hand stitching. A fabric and fiber dictionary, sewing clinic, glossary, and bibliography complete the work. Illustrations from the collections of international design houses are scattered throughout the text. This comprehensive fiber and fabric dictionary is for all public libraries.

Customer Reviews:

You need this guide!

This is one of the few books which I regard as a bible in the world of sewing and fashion design. I was a clothing designer in the garment industry for 15 years and am now a professor of fashion design. I tell my students that they need to own this guide if they are at all interested in continuing in the business of making clothes. This answers all those questions about how to handle, construct, and use different materials and fabrics.


Fabric Sewing Guide

This book has become the most important book to me when making clothes. Using it before starting saves from many troubles. It not only explains how different fabrics behave, what threads and needles to use, but gives an extensive view also of the types of seams and finishes to use. The included hints are really valuable, giving a lot of inside information and experience. This book really saves time, material and patience.

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