Selecting and Using Equipment: Intro

The quality of construction and potential for effective fit of the garment begins with correct selection and wise use of appropriate sewing tools. Tools that are clean, accurate, readily accessible and properly stored retain their usability and increase one’s efficiency during the total sewing process. They also help eliminate the frustration that inevitably results when an essential tool is missing or doesn't function properly.

Many types of sewing tools are available. Some are necessities; others are helpful and make the task easier; still others are nothing more than superfluous gadgets. Be aware of new developments, but use logic in evaluating new products and their advertised usefulness. However clever, a tool is valuable only to the degree that it simplifies or improves and accomplishes the intended sewing task. Following is a list of useful equipment, including information on selection and proper use.

Cleaning and storage suggestions are also given to ensure that the sewing tools continue to function in top condition.

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Friday, 2009-10-16 18:10