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Because replacing your bathroom is an operation that will have a lot of influence in your daily live for a few weeks, it is probably not something you will do for pleasure. But think of the result, and it will all be worthwhile. This article will guide you to a relaxing and refreshing bathroom!

Bathroom Planning

It makes a lot of sense to assess the needs of you and your family before you start planning your bathroom. Are you single, living together or having a family with different age groups? All these things matter when you choose your fixtures, storage, flooring and wall coverings.

Families will use a bathroom very intensely at all times of the day. Especially in the morning members of the family might need to use the bathroom at the same time. Young children will appreciate toys they can play with in the bath and stools to stand on when brushing their teeth and all these things will need storage, so plan this carefully.

When you're single or living together, you don't need to worry about storage that much. Get a few smart storage boxes for your toiletries and even the most compact bathroom will look clean and uncluttered. You can opt for more luxurious wall coverings and flooring, because it will get less wear and tear.

Bathroom Design

There are a lot of different styles to be found in bathroom fixtures, so that you can choose the style that reflects the rest your house. In bathrooms, everything is possible, so let your fantasy loose on gleaming taps, funky toilet seats and tiles that make a statement.

Color is a keynote in the design of your bathroom. Fixtures are available in a lot of colors. Although white goes with most of the styles, if you really want something different, a colored fixture might be something for you. How about a frosted glass basin with a chrome pedestal or a shower enclosure made of glass bricks? Wood is also a successful material to use in the bathroom.

Not only bath, shower or toilet design or color have influence on the atmosphere of your bathroom, taps, shower fittings and levers do too. They will really set off your design and take your bathroom to another level. There are a lot of designs available, from Victorian taps and overhead showers to state-of-the-art chrome shower mixers or levers.

Buying a Bathroom

Set a budget for your bathroom: how much can you spend maximum on your fittings? Bear in mind that when you buy at a DIY-shed but can't install the bathroom yourself, that you have to hire somebody to do it for you. Try to get a few good quotes from recommended plumbers before you start the project.

Also make sure you list the possible redecorating costs. The fittings might be the first step to your new bathroom, but your walls and flooring will make all the difference. Accessories and storage are the just as important to create the look that you want. Include them in your budget as well.

If you decide to your new fittings in the same place as your old ones, then measure them before you go to look for a replacement. That way you know that your new bath will fit. Check that the shower tray you're buying has a non-slip surface. Check with your plumber that the drainage can take the amount of water your shower is producing. Nothing is worse than having an overflowing tray. And always buy the enclosure and the tray as a set. This way you know that the enclosure fits to the shower tray. And last but not least, try to match your taps and levers with the style of your bathroom. If you have chosen romantic fittings then ultramodern will just not do!

Top Planning Tips

• Plan your bathroom so that all the members of your family will enjoy it. Keep the safety of your children in mind when choosing your flooring and lighting.

• Keep the existing service points in mind when planning your bathroom as rewiring and re-plumbing takes a lot of time and money.

• Think about what you want to do with your window.

Maximize the amount of light that comes in without having to suffer from glare.

• Plan enough different types of storage. Shelving for products for every day use, cupboards for occasionally used products and towels, and bins for laundry. In families, plan also storage for typical children's bathroom accessories and toys.

• Decide whether you have the space to install a separate shower enclosure or a shower above the bath. A separate shower will take more space, but two people can use the bathroom at the same time.

• For larger families, a second cloakroom would come in very handy, especially in the morning when everybody needs to get ready at the same time.

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