Workshop Math

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by: Robert Scharff

Topics include:

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Book Description A major, indispensable reference work jam-packed with hard-to-find calculations, formulas and tables. Unique, quick, accurate ways to compute from Popular Science. "These formulas make smooth work of sticky calculations....Add this book to your workshop library."-Better Homes & Gardens.


excellant book for serious shop work: I purchased the book on the recommendation of a friend who told me that the book would walk me through the math that I needed to update my home for some renovations and heating projects. Those projects were a wood burning stove, and solar heating. I found the author to supply the necessary understanding to make some serious decisions that provided me with financial returns. This book is provides tables and references for further study and is an excellant book for your library. This is one of the few times I will put my name on a book as a must have.

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