Woodworking Techniques: Best Methods for Building Furniture from Fine Woodworking

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by: Fine Woodworking (Editor)

Topics include: modified marking gauge, cuff inlay, layout knife, dovetailed keys, reverse diamond, string inlay, knife hinges, marking gauge line, dovetailed slot, finger template, octagonal blocks, bending plywood, beveled strips, hinge leaf, tablesaw blade, butterfly keys, brass guide, inlay piece, dovetail sockets, escutcheon pins, hinge stile, door stile, auxiliary fence, veneer tape, drawer stops

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From Library Journal These titles, part of Taunton's new six-volume "Essentials of Woodworking" series, consist of articles that originally appeared in Fine Woodworking magazine during the last six years. (Other titles in this series include The Basics of Craftsmanship, Finishes & Finishing, Joinery, and Ingenious Jigs & Shop Accessories.) Authored by such well-known woodworkers as Jim Tolpin and Garrett Hack, the essays cover a specific set of woodworking skills in detail. Practical Design takes a project from concept to finished product, covering the use of scale models, engineering, and construction options for tables, cabinets, and chairs. Woodworking Techniques shows how to build a variety of projects (tables, drawers, and doors) and covers specific techniques (hinge installation, veneering, and inlay). Because they are from Fine Woodworking, the selections are colorful and well written, and the inclusion of an index is helpful. These titles will appeal to woodworkers of all skill levels and are recommended for public libraries.DJonathan Hershey, Akron-Summit Cty. P.L., OH Copyright 2000 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Book Description Woodworking Techniques brings together the best articles on the construction techniques necessary for both amateurs and pros to assemble, decorate, and complete fine furniture. The editors provide seasoned advice from well-known experts in the field on every type of furniture project, with special focus on details such as hinges and locks, moldings, veneers, and inlay. Over 300 illustrations and photos help move projects from the idea stage to reality.

First Sentence: "If there's more than one way to skin a cat, then there are at least three ways to taper a leg."


a book for advanced amateurs: Well written well illustrated, its a book for serius amateurs looking for a very accurate and detailed way to fit a drawer, install hinges, locks and several other tips useful for an advanced amateur or woodworker in small scale and/or fine work. It is not for industrial scale production. The chapter on veneering and inlay is just a copy from a good book published by fine woodworking:Veneering Marquetry and Inlay. Overall, it's a good book,that will give a several good ideas, however don't expect the ultimate guide in woodworking techniques.

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