Wood (Best of Fine Woodworking)

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by: Fine Woodworking (Editor)

Topics include: average volumetric shrinkage, humidistat setting, solar kiln, wood technologist, tangential shrinkage, true mahogany, spalted wood, radial shrinkage, ray flecks, drying schedule, wood identification, domestic hardwoods, lumber drying, figured grain, average specific gravity, exotic timbers, oven dry weight, hard maple, amateur woodworker, mainland species, wood movement, figured woods, grade stamp, external probe, open grained

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Fine Woodworking magazine
Solid information on wood from a craftsman's perspective
Direct from the pages of Fine Woodworking magazine, you'll find practical advice on buying, drying and storing wood, plus how to work it.
All the common North American cabinet woods, plus a few exotics, are examined, with attention to physical properties, seasonal changes and how they react to machining and finishing


Fine Woodworking magazine

Solid information on wood from a craftsman's perspective

The Mighty Oaks



Bird's-Eye Maple

Maple: A Versatile Timber


Tulip: Wallflower at the Hardwood Ball


Douglas-Fir: It's Not Just for Studs Anymore

Working Doug-fir

Hickory and Pecan



Ironwood: What's in a Name?

American Elm

The Demise of American Chestnut

Chestnut: A European perspective


Backyard Exotics

Mesquite: A Hardwood with Character

Adventures of a Wood Sleuth


Wood Identification

Working Highly Figured Wood

Finding Figured Woods

Wood Against Weather

Buying and Drying

Taking the Measure of Moisture Meters

A Dehumidification Kiln

A Solar Kiln for Drying Wood

Shop-Built Moisture Meter

Managing a Rain Forest

Tropical Deforestation

A cabinetmaker visits the jungle

Taking Stock in Forest and Shop



Fine Woodworking magazine

Solid information on wood from a craftsman's perspective

Ask a dozen woodworkers why they took up the craft, and you'll likely hear a dozen different answers. But the one common element that brings woodworkers together is a love for the wood itself.

In the hands and eyes of a woodworker, wood becomes a sensuous mix of texture, color, figure and grain, but with the romance come some practical considerations, too. Whether you're turning a bowl from a burl or making a dining-room table from some choice cherry lumber, transforming wood into an object of craft means coming to terms with its physical properties: how it dries and changes with the seasons, how it reacts to tools and finishes. Woodworkers learn fast that few successes come from overpowering the wood. Rather, they must apply their skill to bring out the best in the material.

This book contains 32 articles originally published in Fine Woodworking magazine that look at wood from the craftsman's perspective. There are pieces on all the common North American cabinet woods, as well as a few exotics, and there's solid information on buying, drying and storing wood. The articles tackle both the romance and beauty of the material and the practical knowledge necessary to work it. If you love wood and love making beautiful things from it, you'll surely learn something in these pages, but more important, you may rediscover the magic of wood that caused you to become a woodworker in the first place.

-- the editors


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