Veneering, Marquetry and Inlay

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by: Fine Woodworking

Topics include: background veneer, reverse diamond, vacuum veneer press, venturi pumps, pressing veneers, bending plywood, game cabinet, inlay bandings, ebony veneer, backing veneer, inlay piece, own veneer, veneer tape, hot hide glue, figured veneers, inlay veneer, yellow glue, veneered panels, veneer strips, edge gluings, veneer work, accent border, wafer board, rotary vane, plywood core

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First Sentence: Veneer is truly one of the wonders of woodworking-sheets of paper-thin wood, wastelessly sliced from a log by a big knife.

From the mind of an artistic craftsman/teacher....The title of this book says it all. It does cover Veneering, Marquetry and Inlay. The book is a collection of articles from Fine Woodworking. Therefore, if you have alot of fine woodworking magazines than several parts will look familiar. You will learn a fair amount about veenering from reading this book, most likely more than other veneering books. However, the Marquetry and Inlay sections are lacking. Most of the inlay was about "Inlayed Banding" which can add a nice touch to projects. This book also touches on some concepts I know would be difficult to find in any other book. For example, how to inlay silver and turquoise. Overall, this book will prove valuable to me as a reference for teaching.


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