Timber-Frame Houses (Fine Homebuilding/Great Houses)

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by: Fine Homebuilding

Topics include: unfaced panels, bent girts, connecting girts, rim beams, cruck pairs, cruck blades, gunstock post, housed dovetails, summer beams, dovetail lap, stress skin, quirk bead, wiring chase, cottage board, post tenons, traditional timber frame, second bent, upper rafters, stick framing, principal rafters, extreme fiber stress, cruck frames, core panels, bending table, skin panels

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From Library Journal
A compilation of articles from the last ten years of Fine Homebuilding magazine, this attractive volume reflects the full-scale revival of the timber-framer's craft as applied to house construction. It features master builders like Tedd Benson, Ed Levin, and George Nash and others who have successfully integrated modern approaches with traditional craft. More than half the 30 or so articles document the design and construction of specific houses, and the remainder survey the latest methods and materials. Included are such topics as milling timbers, cutting and forming various joints, hoisting impossibly heavy frame members, and working with stress-skin building panels and other product innovations. An important addition for any library serving designers, architects, or builders (professional and amateur alike).
- Bill Demo, Tompkins Cortland Community Coll., Dryden, N.Y.
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Nice survey of timberframe implementations, --
Not a book on the basics of timberframing practice, but moreso a survey of beautiful or somewhat unique timberframe implementations. Homes with various cultural and historical influences are fully explained. The book is choppy since each chapter is meant to stand alone. There are some rare (IMO) techniques highlighted. I especially love the section on Bowstring Trusses and the bent wood Curved Roof Bungalow on page 130. The book also has a decent section on foam core panels, showing their various joinery techniques and wiring procedures.

Timber-Frame Houses
Fine Homebuilding magazine
A thorough introduction to modern timber framing
Solid, graceful and dramatic, timber-frame houses hold a special appeal. In this collection of 31 Fine Homebuilding articles, you'll discover how traditional techniques and current innovations make timber-frame building more practical than ever. Practitioners like Tedd Benson, Jack Sobon, and George Nash describe remodels and reconstructions, houses modeled after old-world styles, and inspiring contemporary designs.


Timber-Frame Houses

Fine Homebuilding magazine

A thorough introduction to modern timber framing

An Introduction to Timber Framing

Earthquake-Country Timber Frame

A Tudor Timber Frame

Timber-Frame Layout

Sizing Roughsawn Joists and Beams

Solo Timber Raising

A Timber Frame in the Hudson Valley

Tools for Timber Framing

The Fairbanks House

Rhode Island Stone-Ender

A Carved Timber Frame

Mountain Passive

Cruck House

Raising Heavy Timber

At the Top of the Mountain

A Modular Home

In the Japanese Tradition

Cobblestone Cottage

Building with Stress-Skin

Wiring in Stress-Skin Panels

Foam-Core Panels

Island Victorian

Framing with Purpleheart

Hung Walls

Building Timber Bowstring Trusses

Timber-Frame Houses

Fine Homebuilding magazine

A thorough introduction to modern timber framing

The ancient craft of timber framing has enjoyed a remarkable revival in recent years. And no wonder -- contemporary timber framers have been able to maintain the beauty and durability of their complex craft while meeting modern needs and using new construction techniques.

Over the past century, the evolution of wood-frame construction has been driven by the search for greater efficiencies more suitable to large-scale construction projects. One result is that the beauty has been taken out of the framing. Modern stud frames are hidden in the walls, where hundreds of 2x sticks are joined by nails. Timber framing, on the other hand, celebrates and flaunts the wood frame, as well as the joinery that holds it all together. And that, perhaps above all else, is what makes it so appealing to modern homeowners.

Fine Homebuilding magazine helped popularize modern timber framing and was a catalyst for its revival. This collection of 31 articles from the first 10 years of Fine Homebuilding includes articles by leading teachers and practitioners of the craft, including Tedd Benson (author of The Timber-Frame Home and co-author of Building the Timber Frame House); Jack Sobon (co-author of Timber Frame Construction), Ed Levin, Alex Wade, Jeff Arvin, George Nash and many others.

This volume provides a thorough introduction to modern timber framing. Articles cover the history and evolution of timber framing and its various influences (Japanese, European and American). The tools and techniques of traditional mortise-and-tenon joinery are discussed alongside innovations in foam-core (stress-skin) panels. Also included are stories describing teh construction of replicas of architectural classics as well as inspiring designs featuring open, modern floor plans and passive-solar techniques. Additional articles cover sizing and handling large beams and hybrid designs combining timber and 2x framing. Together, these articles will inspire and inform readers seeking to understand and to practice this 200-year-old architectural style.

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