Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to Choosing and Installing Hardware

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by: Robert J. Settich

Topics include:

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Book Description Choosing hardware can be fun and creative, but selecting the right hardware for a job can be difficult, even for the most experienced woodworker. Installing it is something else again. This comprehensive book covers the entire range of hardware, including common household pieces such as locks, pulls, and handles, all presented in a straightforward style. Over 700 step-by-step photos and drawings accompanied by exacting instructions ease the installation process. Tips and quick access guides help readers find the exact information they need right away.

Making Things Work: For the most part hardware is an unromantic subject. Frequently your options are plain and hidden away, and, unless you make your own, the fun stops as soon as you make your choices. Yet a mistake in the use or installation of hardware is often the mistake that is spotted first, easily becoming the ruin if hours of painstaking work. Hinges happen to be my low water. I've measured, chiseled, shed blood, and excruciated more times than I want to talk about, only to find that it wasn't quite right and I had to make some devious adjustment. Settich's book may not be poetic, but it is eminently practical, and I discovered several tricks that eased the way as I read it. There are twelve sections that cover everything from the simplest nail or screw to the more arcane worlds of locks, slides, and hinges. Lots of illustration and accompanying text reduce things into easily digestible advice that will improve your work and open new possibilities. My copy is already showing wear from numerous consultations. This really should be one of your earlier purchases in this series.


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