Storage Solutions (Do It Now Do It Fast Do It Right)

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by: Roy Barnhart

Topics include: drywall anchors, your miter box, slide hardware, paneling nails, installation screws, bed molding, cap molding, your circular, torpedo level, wood edging, stud locations, drawer case, wood putty, miter cut, drill pilot holes, your shelves, shelf supports, drawer slides, bar clamps, finishing nails

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Book Description -- No home ever has enough storage space, making this entry in Taunton's DIY series a timely one. This book provides storage solutions for every room in the house, including heavy-duty garage shelves, closet organizers, and bookcases and emphasizes fresh ideas and projects that are low in cost but high in impact, with style and design that call to mind Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel. Plenty of design options (upgraded materials or different dimensions) are offered so that DIYers can customize projects to fit room requirements and step-by-step photos cover every aspect of the job.

Tim Snyder, series editor -- Do it Now / Do it Fast / Do it RightŪ
No matter where you are in most houses, you'll find storage and organizing problems that need to be solved. That's why no room is neglected Taunton's Do it Now / Do it Fast / Do it Right Storage Solutions. Whether it's books, bills, bathrobes, sporting equipment or auto supplies, you'll find projects that help you transform chaos into order. Closet organizers, ready-to-assemble cabinets, shelving systems and sliding shelves for kitchen cabinets are just a few of the projects that you'll find covered.
This fresh approach to home improvement provides just the right combination of design inspiration and how-to information to help you get pro-level results every time. Expert advice and step-by-step photos will help you successfully install or create a wide variety of storage solutions.

Tools, materials and supplies for all projects are available at home centers
All projects can be completed in 1-3 days
Margin features explain time-saving tips, special techniques, cool tools and project options
Design and upgrade options throughout the book provide inspiration if you want to go beyond basic projects

Table of Contents
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Garage Makeover

A Column of Cubbyholes

Custom Cabinet

Closet Makeover

Stronger than Dirt: Conquer Laundry Room Clutter

Corkboard and Cubbyholes

Smarter Cabinets

Literary Achievement: Beautiful Bookcase



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