Router Joinery

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by: Gary Rogowski

Topics include:

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Router Joinery
with Gary Rogowski
From choosing stock to cutting joints
Routers can be used to cut a wide variety of joints quickly and accurately. In this video, professional woodworker Gary Rogowski demonstrates router joinery techniques that can be mastered by any woodworker. You'll learn why correct setup and good stock preparation are essential to accurate work, and you'll see how to cut common frame and carcase joints using a hand-held or table-mounted router.

You'll see how to rout:
. rabbets, dadoes and grooves
. half-laps
. mortise-and-tenon joints
. loose-tenon joints
. half-blind and through dovetails
. sliding dovetails
This video is a companion to Gary Rogowski's book, Router Joinery.


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