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by: Fine Homebuilding magazine

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Fine Homebuilding magazine
Choosing, building, and hanging doors
If you are looking for sound advice on choosing, building, and hanging interior and exterior doors, this is the book for you. These 26 articles from Fine Homebuilding give you advice on how to:
. choose the right front door
. trim an entryway so that it greatly improves the look of the house
. build wooden screen doors
. install pocket doors
. install locksets, and more


Fine Homebuilding magazine

Choosing, building, and hanging doors

Choosing a Front Door

Connecticut River Valley Entrance

A Greek Revival Addition

Formal Entryway

French-Door Retrofit

Trimming the Front Door

Making an Insulated Door

Batten Doors

Replacing an Oak Sill

A Breath of Fresh Air

Building Wooden Screen Doors

Production-Line Jamb Setting and Door Hanging

Hanging an Exterior Door

Ordering and Installing Prehung Doors

Installing Prehung Doors

Hanging Interior Doors

Casing a Door

Building Interior Doors

Pueblo Modern

Pocket Doors

Curved Doors

An Elegant Site-Built Door

Installing Mortise Locksets

Installing Locksets

Homemade Hardware

Door Hardware

Finishing Touches



Fine Homebuilding magazine

Choosing, building, and hanging doors

Years ago, when I still earned my living as a carpenter, my boss sent me out to hang the front door in a new house. We hadn't built the house, so I wondered why we'd been hired to hang the door. I assumed that the construction process hadn't gone well.

When I arrived at the job, the first thing I noticed was that the house was well built. And just inside the entry was a beautiful staircase. I asked the owner, "Who built the stairs?" and he replied that one of the finish carpenters had built them. "Why didn't he hang this door?" I wanted to know. "He said he didn't know how," the owner told me.

As surprising as that was, what happened next upset me even more. The owner came into the foyer with a folding aluminum lawn chair -- the kind with woven plastic webbing -- sat down in it and watched me for the next four hours while I hung the door.

Hanging a door can be tricky. so can choosing a door, building one from scratch, trimming the opening and installing door hardware. These aren't the sorts of tasks you want to tackle without advice from experts, which happens to be what you're holding in your hands.

This book is a compilation of articles from Fine Homebuilding magazine. And as such it represents the collective experience of over 20 builders from all around the country. So whether you're a professional builder, a dedicated amateur or simply a homeowner trying to get a door toswing correctly on its hinges, if you're looking for good information on doors, this book is a likely place to find it.


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