Care & Repair of Furniture

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by: Albert Jackson, David Day

Topics include: stung ties, finish reviver, cresting rail, grade wire wool, calico lining, gilt cream, stretcher rails, drawer rail, applied mouldings, scratch stock, flight holes, rails arc, draw leaf, drawer runners, cellulose lacquer, carbide paper, dowel joints, metal leaf, joints arc, wood dyes, animal glue, gate leg, sanding sealer, cloth pad, seat rails

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From Book News, Inc.
An attractive guide to buying, repairing, and finishing furniture, almost too nice to keep in the workshop, for woodworkers and hobbyists. Color photos and illustrations showing the internal structure of different styles of furniture accompany instructions for duplicating missing parts, re-upholstery, caning, refinishing, gilding, and restoring hardware. Includes information on matching and recreating authentic finishes, distinguishing antiques from reproductions, and prolonging the life of family heirlooms. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

Midwest Book Review
Care & Repair of Furniture is the complete furniture repair manual. Now anyone can return old or damaged furniture to excellent condition with the help of this practical pictorial guide. The authors explain every step in detail. They show the best ways to tighten loose joinery, reupholster with ease and repair a finish. Readers will see how to diagnose damage, recognize reproductions and match finishes. These techniques can be used to preserve family heirlooms and make invisible repairs to antiques. The authors introduce restoration skills such as chair caning, gilding painted surfaces and casting missing hardware. Exploded internal views and brilliant four-color illustrations make the techniques easy to follow. Care & Repair of Furniture is the ideal reference for restorers, woodworkers and antiques collectors and an essential guide for hands-on homeowners.

Very helpful indeed -- This book is a great place to start for anyone either wishing to resurrect fantastic old pieces or just make the most of the ones they already have. It's packed full of diagrams and should have something for both amateurs and the experienced alike. It basically tells you how to deal with furniture restoration and maintenance from simple polishes to complete overhauls. A great resource to have around.

Care & Repair of Furniture
David Day
Albert Jackson
Returning damaged furniture to excellent condition
Here is a non-nonsense manual on repairing and refinishing furniture for amateur restorers. With the techniques described in this book and some basic woodworking skills, you will be able to return old or damaged furniture to excellent condition. This pictorial guide shows the best ways to tighten joinery, reupholster, repair a finish, diagnose damage and match finishes. Includes chair caning, gilding and casting hardware. Exploded views and four-color illustrations make the techniques crystal clear.


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