Building Additions (For Pros By Pros)

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by: Editors of Fine Homebuilding

Topics include: transom header, cripple rafters, secondary rafters, dormer rafters, new dormer, structural ridge, door alcove, dormer roof, existing foundation, addition foundation, rim joists, differential settling, shed dormer, door header, rafter tails, door transom, primary frames, top right photo, floor framing, new beam, existing roof, story poles, main roof, bottom right photo, screen porch

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From Book News, Inc. -- Emphasizing good design as well as sound construction, this collection of articles from Fine Homebuilding magazine provides instructions for tackling do-it-yourself projects such as adding a foundation or sunroom, and retrofitting a dormer. Case studies cover innovative additions: e.g., converting reclaiming a garage as living space and adding a second story. Helpful color illustrations and diagrams complement the text. Copyright Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Book Description -- Expanding a house requires both inspiration and expertise, and that is just what the seasoned professionals from Fine Homebuilding magazine have provided in Building Additions. Through an eye-catching combination of text, illustration, and photos, they reveal the decisions, design ideas, and construction details involved in completing a wide range of home additions. From bay window bump-outs and basement remodels to sunrooms and second-story additions, readers get the kind of valuable insider expertise and hands-on techniques that guarantee top-notch results when adding on to a house.

Taunton's For Pros By Pros: Building Additions -- Fine Homebuilding magazine
Field-tested techniques for adding on to your home
Adding onto a house presents builders and remodelers with tough challenges. Whether framing a roof, tying into an existing foundation, finishing out the room over a garage, or building -- on a deck that won't rot out the sills -- the more expert advice you have up front, the better your work and the better your business will be. Builders and remodelers consistently turn to the experts at Fine Homebuilding magazine for the best professional-grade information before they start a job.
Written by the pros who actually do the work, these articles will help you to:

Add a foundation addition that anchors solidly with the existing foundation
Build a classic sunroom
Convert a garage into living space
Design and build a second-story addition that's compatible with the house
Build a covered entryway
Construct a family-room addition
Build a screen porch
Add a coffered ceiling
Build a gable-dormer retrofit
Frame an opening in a bearing wall
To get the best remodeling results, you need solid advice from the best in the business. For Pros By ProsŪ books bring you field-tested techniques and real-world experience from the expert builders and remodeling pros who write for Fine Homebuilding magazine.

Field-tested techniques for adding on to your home -- Mosquitos weren't on my mind when I climbed up on the porch roof to replace an old layer of roll roofing with a new one, but the bugs soon discovered me. Without the protection of insect repellent, the feast was on. But I had brought along a secret weapon: two gallons of blind nail cement. This sticky asphalt emulsion is essential for adhering roll roofing to the roof deck and to itself. Soon I was covered with the stuff. And with every well-directed slap, my face, neck, and upper body began to take on a leopard-like appearance. I discovered that the tar spots were immune to insect attack, and I noted that the goo captured and doomed the bugs careless enough to land on it.
Fortunately, the work of winterizing the porch -- my first addition project -- proceeded more smoothly after the roofing episode. Today, countless construction projects later, I've been able to improve my skills and my design sense by paying attention to Fine Homebuilding's expert authors. They're among the best professionals in the building business -- veteran contractors and designers with the experience and know-how to guide you through a broad range of addition projects-from building basic foundations and porches to framing dormers and hanging drywall.
For any addition project to succeed, good design is just as important as sound construction. That's why you'll also find an inspiring selection of case studies included here. These projects demonstrate creative, cost-effective ways to build additions and convert existing parts of the house into living space. If you're aiming to make a small house bigger, the ideas and expert advice on these pages will help you achieve topnotch results.

Tim Snyder -- executive editor, Fine Homebuilding


Table of Contents

1. Basements, Foundations, and Masonry
An Addition Foundation
Supporting an Addition
Laying Up Concrete Block

2. Porches, Decks, and Sunrooms
A Builder's Screen Porch
A Dining Deck
Adding a Sunroom with Porch
A Classic Sunroom

3. Framing and Finishing Solutions
Keeping a Dormer Addition Clean and Dry
A Different Approach to Rafter Layout
A Gable-Dormer Retrofit
Supporting a Cantilevered Bay
Remodeling with Metal Studs
Solo Drywall Hanging

4. Case Studies: Innovative Additions
A Dramatic Family-Room Addition
A Well-Lit Addition
Converting a Garage into Living Space
A Suburban Metamorphosis
Adding a Second Story



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